This is a safety note/reminder for everyone to read. Please remember that there is to be no uncontrolled firearm handling at our matches. There are only 2 circumstances where firearm handling is permitted:
1. You may handle firearms on your own at a designated safe gun handling area, with the muzzle always pointed in a safe direction. At our matches we’ve always designated the covered pistol range 1, and we’d like to also allow the plate rack range 3 which may be a little more convenient. Range 1 & 3 are hot & open to general club members, but no shooting at the plate racks please.
2. Under the direct instruction of the range safety officer on any range. The example we’re all most familiar with is “Load and make ready,” but the range safety officer can also help if you need to bag the gun after a match, etc. The safety officers are there to help, just ask.
Any other firearm handling will result in a match DQ. This is true from the moment you arrive on the property until the moment you leave, and applies everywhere – your car, the parking lot, the clubhouse etc – these are not safe gun handling areas. You’ll find these rules at any IDPA or USPSA match anywhere, we’re no different. We appreciate  your cooperation in keeping all firearm handling safe and controlled.
On Thrusday night practices during the winter months, if you need to unload or holster up, you go to the indoor range and ask the Safety Officer who is running practice and he will see that you are safely unloaded/loaded. Reminder: there is no handling of a firearm in the clubhouse at any time of the year.